Welcome to the new and re-invented IPWorx.com. The plan here is to create a home for niche information including projects, tutorials, product spotlights, product reviews focusing on the original, uncommon, innovative and sometimes unorthodox tools and techniques to aid in network administration, management and design. The items here are a collection intended to help every small network provide services and stability. Having worked the SMB scene for a few decades now I have learned that just because a network may be small, it doesn't mean people depend on it any less nor is it necessarily easy to manage simply due to its size; every functioning business has the same core needs, just in different scales. We all have file shares, networks, email, etc.

Many of the items in this site are distributed as open source and all we ask is that you not remove any originating comments from the files. Feel free to modify open source projects for your own needs, just don't claim them as your own. That being said, when we say "open" we really mean "open"; open for discussion, open for improvement. If you see a better way to do something, a bug or basically any issue, please share.

Just like the people we try to support, we aren't a big international megacorp with deep pockets. Please help support IPWorx by visiting our sponsors, buying our products or most importantly contributing your thoughts, ideas and feedback.