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The Information Processing Work Exchange (IPWorx.com) exists as a valuable resource for both the IT professional and networking hobbyist. IPWorx.com focuses on the care and management of small to mid-size networks as well as the care and feeding of individual PCs. Whether you are new to the world of IT, or a seasoned pro, you are sure to find something of interest here.

C-Mail: Command Line SMTP Mail
Do you find yourself constantly sending monthly minders or emails notifying users of network status? Log files for large jobs need to be sent out after being generated? C-Mail is here.
With C-Mail, email functionality can be written into job scripts or set up with schedulers. Just add C-Mail to the end of a backup script to email a log file to you, set it up as the notification executable in your network monitoring package, or define it with your system scheduler to send out email at predefined intervals. No longer do you have to open your email client, write repetitive mails, attach files, address and send...C-Mail does it for you.
Sync Logic: Directory Synchronization made simple
Sync Logic is a very easy to use and reliable file and folder syncronization tool. Make instant backups of project data, laptop data, user data. Sync Logic can sychronize files and folders between different hard drives different computers even to removable media such as USB pen drives.

Sync logic makes file and folder synchronization as easy as 1-2-3. You can run Sync Logic from the GUI or command line. Not good with command line interfaces? Get help creating the command line argument from within the GUI (make your selections the press "Make Cmdline").
ePad: Fully Functional and Lightweight Text Editor
Lightweight, yet highly functional text editor. Has several powerful features such as the ability to save text in Adobe's PDF file format, HTML compression, spell-checker, flesch-kincaid readabilty calculator, encryption, and vulgar word censor. There are several formating options such as numerous case tools and the abilty to both add and remove hard wrap formatting.
Paperboy: Professional E-Mail Newsletter & List Management
Powerful and easy email list management system! Whether you are putting out a corporate mailer or a newsletter for the family reunion, Paperboy is there for you. Create mass mailing lists from scratch or from data saved in almost any format. Manage any number of seperate lists with powerful text editing and WYSIWYG HTML editing. Embed random advertisements in your mail to help generate revenue. Archive your mailings to HTML to display past issues on your website.

Features include; Multiple Lists, Advanced Address Import Capabilities, Blacklisting, Page Tags, Credit-Based Advertisement System, Double Opt-In Functionality, Built-In Text and HTML Editors, Multiple Attachment Capability, Test Send and WYSIWYG Preview, One-Click Manual Actions, Automatic Archives with HTML Export, Built-In Messages & Reports, Automatic Polling & Responding, Highly Configurable Mail Processing Rules, Detailed Individual Logs, much more.