Ever have one (or more) of those users that think the company servers are their personal media storage device? Ever been hard at work trying to figure out why your data drive is full just to find someone’s collection of MP3s or movie files? It’s a pain when you have to fight this battle by digging through all the company shares looking five directories down trying to find media shenanigans…SpaceCop is here to protect the peace.

SpaceCop digs through a list of file shares you provide and looks for files with extensions you specify. Whatever SpaceCop finds is included in a nice HTML report and sent to you via email. This script can be run manually but is most effective as a periodic report setup as a scheduled task in Task Manager.


The SpaceCop project is comprised of four files;

SpaceCop.vbs – The main program, this is what you run in your scheduled job. There are five items in the configuration section; The first four items are pretty self-explanatory email settings; Subject, FROM, TO, SMTP Server. The fifth setting is a true/false setting for keeping logs every time the script is run.

FILETYPES.TXT – these are file extensions for the file types you want to monitor. One extension per line. The included file has several common media types.

FOLDERS.TXT – a list of folders to scan for the above media types.

FOLDERSKIP.TXT – you are bound to find files of the types you are looking for that are actually valid. Add folders here that you don’t want to show up on the report.