The Information Processing Work Exchange (IPWorx.com) exists as a resource for both the IT professional and networking hobbyist. IPWorx.com focuses on the care and management of small to mid-size networks as well as the care and feeding of individual PCs. Whether you are new to the world of IT, or a seasoned pro, you should find something something here to help get the job done.

IPWorx.com is the happy home of several projects to make your life easier including (but not limited to);

Cube Farm
An updated version (fork) of the world famous Windows-Decrapifier. A cleanup tool to de-bloat new installs of Windows. Now focused on a professional office environment with added Windows 11 support.

Monitor everything on your network and get notification when something is amiss.

Avoid security issues, speed up your site. Make a static NoPress site.

Monitor file shares for files that should not be there.

….and don’t miss the recent series on
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

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