WSUS Patch Report

Having WSUS is great for keeping your systems up to date but reviewing the most recent updates via the WSUS interface can be rather tedious and frequently requires multiple sets of eyes for accuracy and approval. Having everyone involved log into WSUS and peruse recent updates is not very practical but WSUS doesn’t offer any way to generate a report for distribution. WSUS Patch Report shows recently synchronized updates on the WSUS server and creates reports in both HTML and CSV formats.

First, DOWNLOAD the file and unzip the contents to your WSUS server. There are two files included; report.css which is used to format the HTML report and can be edited to taste or simply left alone. The second PS1 file needs very little configuration. Simply leave the $SQLServer variable as-is if you are using the Windows Internal Database (WID) or change it to the name of your SQL server if WSUS has been installed to use SQL. The only other variable for configuration is $UpdateDays which sets the range for updates based on when they were synchronized with the WSUS server. It is highly suggested this script be configured to run as a scheduled task and possibly modified or added upon to deliver the reports either to a web server for viewing or in email.